ELEMENTS and Tizen firmware update

UPDATE Dec 22, 2017 (Version 1.1.0)
ELEMENTS update version 1.1.0 is available in the store! The main freeze issue is fixed! So the watch face should work fine again, even without factory-resetting your watch. A minor issue has occured though: the refresh for heart rate measurement, air pressure and temperature sometimes seems to stop working, leaving you with the last measured value until you reload the watch face. I have already located the problem and I am currently working on the fix. There will be a minor update (version 1.1.1) next week solving this.

UPDATE Dec 18, 2017
After lots of testing and trying I submitted a big update yesterday for certification. It should fix the freeze issue even without factory reset, and it will also fix the steps counter not resetting. Additional changes: AOD now has the digital time (as many people requested), HRM interval and air pressure interval were changed to 30min. and I added 4 new color themes.

UPDATE Dec 10, 2017:
I located and fixed the issue that seemed to collide with the T3.0.0.1 firmware update, causing the complete malfunction or freezing of the watch face on load. Right now I'm working on a fix for another issue: The steps counter doesn't reset to 0 when using the watch face past midnight. As soon as this is fixed too, I'll release an update!


Dec 05, 2017
Hi guys,

A lot of users experience complete malfunction of the ELEMENTS watch face after they did the Tizen firmware update on their Gear S3. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The problem is: the watch face is NOT the problem. I submitted an update for the watch face. It went through Samsung certification and testing, they released it as working to the store. But users still can't get it to run.

Also, we found out that ELEMENTS runs just fine on the Gear Sport, which comes with Tizen - so the face is TOTALLY working fine with Tizen 3 - the ONLY problem is Samsung's crap-quality firmware update. Also, this is not a problem unique to ELEMENTS, other developers have the same problems with their faces. Maybe YOU just never purchased another web-app-face besides ELEMENTS so you wouldn't know.

I get a lot of complaints per email, people ask me why my other faces run fine but ELEMENTS doesn't. So I'll explain the difference: in general, most watch faces are built with the Samsung "Gear Watch Designer" (GWD) software. It's a graphical editor where you import your graphics and pick the functionality from lists and menus. At the end, the software generates a native app which can be submitted to the app store certification team.

ELEMENTS however is NOT built with GWD. It is a programmed face. The programming language is Javascript, as well as classic html and css. This is called a "web app" (opposed to the native app mentioned before). It offers a lot more functionality than GWD, like weather, switching time zones and access to the air pressure sensor. Also, changing the color of text and watch hands is only possible with this approach. ELEMENTS consists of roughly 20 pages of program code. I wrote the whole thing myself and put over 100 hours into the development. So this is NOT some easy app that was released to generate profit. It will never pay off, no matter how many people purchase the watch face. It's a "passion project" for me and want it to be perfect.

So what's gonna happen next? Well, I doubt that I can find an error in my code as the code seems to be fine. But I will keep working on it. I just can't tell if I find a solution next week or next month. I will continue to search for the fragment that causes the face to freeze and sooner or later I'll find it. Samsung isn't offering any help, they never do. They just cut their share from sales and lean back and enjoy how the developer deals with unhappy customers. Simply put, they just don't give a s**t because they don't have to. We (developers) will raise the pressure towards Samsung so they come up with ideas of how to fix this issue. THEY must release a hotfix for their faulty firmware update, it's NOT the developers who made the mistake here.

What can you do besides waiting for updates? Well, you can perform a full factory reset on your watch. That's not rebooting, it's a function you find in the menu. It erases the watch from everything you installed except for firmware updates. Again, it erases EVERYTHING. That's why it is called a "reset" ;) Most users report that the programmed faces work again after a factory reset. You can use the backup feature via your Samsung account before you reset, it saves you time with configuration afterwards.

So if you want to get involved and help me with this project (i.e. you know Javascript and want to mess with it, or you want to beta-test) or if you have any other questions, please contact me. You can write an email to alex@vektorlabs.de or you can contact me via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vektorworks . EVERYTHING is more helpful than complaining in the app store and leaving a 1-star-rating. I may not be able to answer every single email (even though I will try), but I promise I'll read them all and try to use what I read.


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