I tried to collect the questions people ask me the most and give you a good answer to it. However, you're always welcome to contact me directly via anyway! Feedback is always appreciated and I'll try to assist you.

Who are you?

I'm Alex, graphics and web designer located in Germany. I like tech gadgets and I have a passion for watches, so I started designing digital watch faces for the Samsung Gear family. This isn't my main job though, I started building watch faces for myself, as a hobby. But I seem to be pretty good at it, so it made sense to start sharing my work with everybody.

Why do you charge for your faces, you greedy developer?

Because I have to. I charge 1 $ per watch face. Here's a small calculation: A regular project (i.E. a website) would get me about 60 $ per Hour. So a 40-hour project would make me 2.400 $. A watch face also takes at least 40 work hours from start to final sale version. I earn about 60 cents from each sale. So to get me my "regular" income, I'd need 4.000 sales on a watch face. And that's a pretty high number - popular faces sell about 2.000 - 3.000 times before sales rates drop significantly. And that's over several months. So you see, focusing on my main job would get me much more money. I do this for
fun, and the 1 $ charge is just a small compensation for the efford I put into it. I just can't afford to work for free. If I could, I would..

Something is wrong! I want my money back!

Fine with me. But I'm the wrong person to talk to. Sales is handled by Samsung, they're actually your business partner when you buy a watch face, not me. So you need to contact Samsung for refunds. You can always contact me for help and support on technical issues though. Most of the time, there's a simple trick to make things work. And I'm always happy to assist.

I can't install, it gives me an error!

Most of the time, that's due to a cache problem in your Gear Plugin/App on your cellphone. Here's a troubleshooting advice
from Samsung:

   Step 1. Open Application Manager on smartphone
   Step 2. Find Gear S Plugin
   Step 3. Press FORCE STOP.
   Step 4. Click Storage and Press Clear Data and Clear Cache.
   Step 5. Uninstall Watchface and Reinstall, reboot watch.

If that doesn't do the trick, please contact me directly!

I want to customise your watch face myself. Can I get the GWD file?

Yes, you can do that. I won't provide my GWD files for public use, but you can request a specific GWD file. However, please note:

This is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT redistribute, share or sell the file or any of its components in ANY way. That's illegal and I'll come after you. Also, I can't give support to custom builds. So if you want to mess with it, you're on your own.

Here's what you need to do to request a file from me:

• Write me an email or contact me via Facebook
• Prove that you bought the face (send a photo of your watch running the face)
• Tell me WHY you want the file

If you don't include any of this information, I won't respond. And if my face shows up anywhere except on your very own watch, you're in trouble. I'll find out. Don't abuse my trust.

Double-tap works very bad. Why?

Samsung didn't to the best job on the double tap function. It seems to be working rather unstable. That's why I will gradually convert all of my faces that use it back to a single tap system. Until then, all I can tell you is to work on your tapping speed, because it seems to work better the faster you tap.

Double-tap doesn't work at all! Why?

Yes, it does. It always does. It may not work well, but it always DOES work. My app is fine. Samsung certified it. So much about that.

Now what can YOU do? Well, there are two possibilities:

Either you just don't double-tap fast enough. You must double-tap really rapidly and you must hit the designated area. Try harder!

Or you may belong to the unlucky group of people who own a Gear S2 and don't have the latest firmware installed on your watch, either because you hate updates and just don't do them, or because your carrier (most of the time it's Verizon) hasn't provided you with the latest firmware update yet. I can't influence that, even though I'd love to heop you there. Complain to your carrier.

I will however convert all of my watch faces back to a single-tap system until the double-tap function is working as intended and until everybody has received the necessary firmware update from their carriers. So watch out for updates! You can always contact me to ask about a status.

I gave you a very bad rating because your watch face was missing some minor feature, which of course I knew before I bought it. Now I feel bad about it. What can I do?

You can change your rating any time. I'd appreciate it. Especially if I fixed the issue that led to your rating.

Can you make me an individual watch face?

No, I'm afraid I can't do that. I need to earn my living just like everybody else, and you wouldn't want to pay 1.500 $ for a watch face running on a 400 $ watch. But that's what I'd have to charge in order to be profitable.

Besides, providing you with the final product is difficult as you'd have to install it manually on your watch via the GWD software. It would make you go through a lot of discomfort because the software sucks. And it wouldn't integrate well into your system, and it could get overwritten by future updates. That would be bad customer service in my opinion. So if you need an individual face, keep looking, I am sure you'll eventually find someone who does it for you.

If you want to suggest a feature to one of my existing faces, I'd be more than happy to hear about it though!

Can I make suggestions for features/improvements?

Absolutely! I love feedback and suggestions! Honestly. And most of the suggestions I have received so far have made their way into my watch faces in one way or another. Some requests can't be implemented, because the software just doesn't allow that, but you'll definitely get a feedback from me when you suggest something. So please, I encourage you to communicate! Use the contact form in the support area, or write directly to

I want weather!

Me too! But the GWD software doesn't offer useful functions for that yet. It does offer weather but when I use it, i can't use steps count features and a lot of other stuff. So it's simply not reasonable. If you want some weather information, you can check out my ELEMENTS watch face package. It's programmed and it features current temperature and weather condition.

I want different time zones!

Same problem as the weather issue above. GWD doesn't support that. Maybe in the future. Until then, you can check out my ELEMENTS watch face package. It's programmed instead of using GWD and it features a world timer where you can choose your 2nd time zone manually!

Can you make the watch hands change color with the color schemes?

No, that's not possible in GWD at the moment. If I could, I'd use that feature all the time. But right now, it can't be done. Samsung keeps telling to include features for that in the future though. We'll have to wait and see about that.

Can you make the AOD background change?

No, that's also not possible in GWD at the moment. Another feature that as far as I think should be included. But right now, I can only define one static background for the AOD mode. No switching or changing.